Nov 082012

Kevin came to us wanting to construct a small commercial tenant rental space. Starting from the ground up, Apex Masonry built this block building with red brick veneer.





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  1. My project was a 3400 square foot CMU block building on three sides with a brick front representative of an early 1900’s mercantile traditional red brick building. The building is located on the foot print of old downtown Orchards, Orchards plaza, where a trolley car once ran. I wanted the building to resemble what the area once looked like in 1895. The County was trying to bring back a historic look with the mural, planters, clock tower, and pavers. I was looking for a masonry contractor that would truly take personal ownership in the historic theme of the project and be on site to manage the concept I was trying to accomplish. Jesse reviewed the plans and was very excited about the theme and all the various ways brick was once laid. Jesse and his crew delivered a project that was on time and well within budget; attention to detail and conscientiousness was more than I could ask for. Each day Jesse would walk me around the job site and ask me if he was meeting my expectations. I had never previously met Jesse until this project, which we did together in 2007, I not only found the best masons to work with, but a friend that I continue to meet for breakfast to this day.

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